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A range of compounds produced using quality raw
materials to a fixed formula
· HE Supreme Range: 18, 19 + 21
· HE HDF Supreme: 18 + 20
· Milkflow: 18 + 20
Our high performance dairy blends are made using
rolled cereals to maintain a
healthy rumen for high yielding dairy cows.
· Maxfat 17, 19 and 21
· High Starch 16, 18, 20 and 22

Youngstock Products
Giving calves the best start, our coarse mixes provide
excellent growth rates.
Mixes include:
· Top Calf mix 18
– a quality calf coarse for calves aged 1-12 weeks
· Premium Rearer 18
– high energy rearing blend from 10 weeks.
· Gold blend 17
– cost effective rearing blend & fattening ration,
for 12 weeks onwards
Feeding of 85 Hereford cross and Angus cross calves:
Average daily LWG was 0.5kg /day
(on a competitor’s feed)
When Top Calf coarse was introduced, daily LWG
increased to 1.1kg /day

Beef Products
Created with best growth and finish rates in mind, our
beef blends also maintain a stable rumen.
· Rapid Beef 16 +ACTISAF
– a quality beef blend for best growth and finish rates.
Includes added ACTISAF yeast.
· Beef Finisher 14 + ACTISAF
– lower in protein for finishing.

Sheep Products
Our compound sheep feeds are a fixed formulation:
· Super Ewe 19 rolls and nuts
· Lamb Creep 18 pellets
· Lamb Finisher 16 nuts
A range of premium quality mixes:
· Pedigree Ram mix 18
– a high quality coarse mix including omega 3 oils.
· Top Lamb mix 18
– a very palatable mix for young lambs
· Rapid Lamb16 + ACTISAF
– for heavy lambs and top grades.
Includes added ACTISAF yeast.

Equine Products
A top quality range of:
· Horse & Pony Mix
– a quality coarse mix with a good balance of cereals
· Horse & Pony Cool Mix
– formulated with reduced cereal, for less active
· Foal Mix 18
– high energy coarse mix with extra protein for the
mare and growing foal.

Pig Products
Offering a range of mixes, tailored to your specific
needs – our blends are suitable for all stages of a
pig’s life, from recently weaned piglets, to mature
sows and boars.
· GP18
– a fully mineralised blend for sows and fattening pigs.
Contains Hipro soya.
· GP Extra 18
– a palatable ration for weaners, sows and fattening
pigs. Contains Hipro soya.

Pharmor Silage Inoculant Products
Pharmor Liquid has a range of bacteria and unique
enzyme package with a specific bacterial growth
medium. This ensures it hits the ground running,
giving the fastest possible silage fermentation.


Liveweight gains increased by a staggering 86%
Milk yields increased by 2.25 litres/cow/day
Dry matter intake increased by over 6%
Dry Matter digestibility increased by over 6%
Total Protein retained increased by a massive 48%
Effluent reductions of 33%
Ensiling losses reduced by up to 54%
Trials have been carried out at Hillsborough and
I.G.E.R. Aberystwyth.

“Independent results of feeding 85 Hereford cross and Angus cross calves: when fed on a course mix by a national compounder. average live weight gain was 0.5kg/day. – after switching to our Sweetblend Top Calf course, average liveweight gain increased to 1.1kg/day.”

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At GT & E Feeds we’ve been proudly supplying animal feed to the farming community for over 40 years.

Delivering quality coarse mixes, blends and compound feeds for cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and other animals on farms throughout Wales and the borders.

We deliver either bulk blown or tote bags using our own fleet of lorries, offering premium quality feed at highly competitive prices.

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